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  • What is Rete Città Italia?

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    The Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (MIT) is the promoter of Rete Città Italia. This initiative comes from the success of Urban I, Urban II and Urban Italian programs involving 37 cities (on 42 cities) which took part, from 2006 to 2008, to this experience. The initiative aims at:

    •  Stimulating the attention of national and European institutions on urban policies;
    • Formulating suggestions on urban policies addressed to both national and European actors;
    • Promoting research on integrated urban policies directed to the identification of innovative tools and solutions;
    • Promoting learning programs in support of integrated urban policies;
    • Promoting the exchange of experiences and good practices between Italian and European cities.

    Currently 37 cities costitute the “Rete Città Italia”:

    Aversa (CE), Bagheria (PA), Bari, Bitonto (BA), Brindisi, Campobasso, Carrara (MS), Caserta, Catania, Catanzaro, Cava de’ Tirreni (SA), Cinisello Balsamo (MI), Cosenza, Crotone, Ercolano (NA), Foggia, Genova, Lecce, Livorno, Messina, Misterbianco (CT), Mola di Bari (BA), Napoli, Palermo, Pescara, Reggio Calabria, Roma, Rovigo, Salerno, Savona, Seregno (MB), Settimo Torinese (TO), Siracusa, Torino, Trieste, Venaria Reale (TO) e Venezia.

    The organizational chart of the RETE presents: a President, a Technical Secretariat and an Internal Audit Service. Elected in 2015, the Mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando is the President of the RETE. Moreover the RETE has been provided of a special accounting system composed by an initial contribute of the Ministry and an annual subscription of € 2.500 paid by each member.

    The Importance of Networking

    After a period of stall, Rete Città Italia is relaunching its activities. The exchange of know-how and good practices between Italian and European city administrations is pivotal pursuing the objective of the European Territorial Cooperation and the URBACT program. The Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport is the national point of connection and the head of the Italian delegation to the monitoring committee of the URBACT program, where all the Member States of the EU (plus Norway and Switzerland) are represented.

    For these reasons, in December 2013 a third additional protocol to the convention among the cities of the RETE has been signed, extending the activities until 31/12/2015. The Ministry aims to promote current and future learning and dissemination activities at national (Piano Città, Piano delle Aree Interne, Programma 6000 Campanili) and European level (URBACT III, RFSC, ESPON), extending the application to the RETE to all the other cities interested in urban development.

    Our Mission

    The idea of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport is to strengthen its role as a body of connection between the national and the European level, in particular with the URBACT Secretariat. The aim pursued by the Ministry is to inform cities about the opportunities offered by the European programs and funds, taking into account the recent multiannual financial framework 2014-2020.

  • Elected Bodies

    Elected Bodies

    Rete Città Italia is structured in three elected bodies: President, Technical Secretariat and Internal Audit Service. Currently, the Presidency is held by the Major of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando, elected in 2015.

    Technical Secretariat
    Internal Audit Service


    The President personally represents the RETE in every circumstance and office, withholding the power to delegate to other members of the RETE the possibility to represent his position.

    In compliance with article 5 of Regulation n. 291, 20/05/2005, the President is entrusted with the following tasks:

    1. Development of RETE and coordination of activities;
    2. Convocation of meetings and establishment of the agenda;
    3. Chairing meetings;
    4. Supervising the regular functioning of Commissions and Working group;
    5. Supervising the participation of the RETE to the International Technical Committees.

    Moreover, the President can appoint one or more Vice-presidents. Otherwise, the Vice-presidency is held by the oldest constituent of the RETE.

    Elected in 2015, the current President of RETE Città Italia is Leoluca Orlando, Mayor of Palermo.

    Technical Secretariat

    In compliance with article 6 of Regulation n. 291, 20/05/2005, the Technical Secretariat carries out all the activities necessary to the correct functioning of the RETE. More specifically, the Technical Secretariat is entrusted with the following tasks:

    1. Definition of the General Program of the Activities (art. 3 of the Convention) and related semestral operative articulations, to be to the approval of the RETE ;
    2. Promotion and enhancement of the initiatives and measure complying with the objectives of the RETE, in accordance with the General Program of the Activities, related semestral operative articulations, and directives from the RETE ;
    3. Guarantee of information activities, communication and connection among the members of the RETE ;
    4. Constant update of the list of the members of the RETE and its constituents;
    5. Follow-up of the determinations taken by the RETE;
    6. Drafting of the annual budget of expenses necessary for the functioning and actuation of the objectives of the RETE to be submitted to the subsequent approval of the RETE ;
    7. Taking minutes at the meetings of the RETE ;
    8. Archiving of the deliberations and the minutes of the meetings of the RETE ;
    9.  Proposing for the admission of new members to the RETE ;
    10. Nomination of commissions for the selection or external staff, services and supplies and the creation of Working groups in line with the objectives of the RETE ;
    11. Drafting of the annual relation on the implementation of the General Program of Activities and the results of the management;
    12. Verification, in compliance with the indications given by the Functionary Delegate, of the regular payment of the annual fees.

    On the occasion of the plenary session of  “Rete Città Italia” – held in Rome on the 5th December 2013 at the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport – the Technical Secretariat has been elected. The actual composition of the Technical Secretariat is the following:

    1. Barbara Acreman and Daniela Versino, representing the Ministry of Infrastructure;
    2. The cities of Ercolano, Foggia, Palermo, Pescara, Roma, Savona and Venezia.

    Internal Audit Service

    In compliance with article 7 of Regulation n. 291, 20/05/2005, an Internal Audit Service has been established. The 9 members of the Internal Audit Service – holding their position for 12 month – are nominated by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (2 members) and the cities part of the RETE (7 members) taking into account their competences.

    The Internal Audit Service is an independent body answering directly to the RETE. The Internal Audit Service is entrusted with the following tasks:

    1. Preparation of a periodic report (at least one per year) concerning the results of the verifications done, highlighting – when necessary –  the causes behind the missed or partial attainment of the objectives;
    2. Drafting of the relation to be attached to the annual report produced by the Functionary Delegate.

    The actual composition of the Internal Audit Service is the following:

    Fabiana Conti and Daniela Versino, representing the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport;
    The cities of Brindisi, Carrara, Caserta, Cava De’ Tirreni, Foggia, Napoli and Settimo Torinese.

  • Contacts


    Rete Città Italia is a project promoted by the DG Territorial Development, Planning and International Projects – Division V Coordination of the Territory. European Programs and Projects for Urban Development.

    For more information you can contact:

    Via Nomentana, 2
    00161 – ROMA


    arch. Daniela Versino
    (+39) 06 4412 4275

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